Vaginal dryness an overwhelming problem for women

Vaginal dryness can disturb the normal lifestyle of a woman. Unfortunately around 40 to 60% women suffer from this issue. Several causes have been attributed that leads to this complication. Hormonal changes play a pivotal role though other factors like certain medicines, low libido, irritants and anxiety can also call in this unsolicited problem. Women should also be able to clearly mention the actual problem as this will determine how the treatment will be initiated. Vaginal dryness can be mild for some that lasts for short periods. While for others it can be a more problematic issue that throws normal life out of gear.

Associated symptoms of vaginal dryness include painful urination, sudden depression, itching or burning sensation or any other strange physical symptom, and pain or difficulty in having sex. In most cases estrogen therapy is recommended by the doctors.

There are possible remedies to overcome vaginal dryness and those are:

  1. Implementing lifestyle changes: Believe it or not, by simply practicing self discipline this problem can be checked. Use of moisturizers, lubricants, Vitamin E oil can be used when you are in the mood to get intimate.
  2. Ensure you are properly hydrated and taking a well balanced diet.
  3. Avoid going for self prescribed medicines as you never know about its side effects. Special caution needs to be exercised before taking contraceptive pills. Your doctor can adjust the dosage if you really need to continue taking these medicines.
  4. Alternative medicines can also help to a significant extent. These include phytoestrogenic supplements as already mentioned estrogen therapy and hormone controlling supplements.
  5. Women who previously underwent Tubal reversal surgery can also be affected with vaginal dryness. In this case microsurgical tubal reanastomosis can definitely help.  When the cut fallopian tubes are rejoined often the solution to the problem can be found.

As you can see it is not that difficult to overcome the problem of vaginal dryness. Sadly many women feel embarrassed to discuss about this problem with the near ones or even with the doctors. This only makes the situation worse. By learning more about the symptoms of menopause women can help themselves to minimize this problem.

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